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SolaRack Double Flat Tile Hook With Rail Attachment (Box of 8)


Brand SolaRack®

A Double Flat Tile Hook That Saves a Full Row of Penetrations on Systems with Two Rows of Solar Panels

The SolaRack Double Flat Tile Hook is used for solar systems on flat tile roofs that incorporate more than one row of solar modules. The double hooks will allow a rail from each of two rows of modules to be placed on a single mount. Used in conjunction with the single SolaRack Flat Tile Hook, the doubles will save installers a full row of roof penetrations and tile removal.

SolaRack is an awesome racking system designed in California and fully UL listed for integrated grounding and bonding. Just Makes Cents...Per Watt  isn't just a slogan with SolaRack; it's one of the most affordable UL listed systems available on the market and it's fast and easy to install.

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