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OutBack Power Export Radian GS7048E 7kW Inverter/Charger


Brand OutBack Power

A Modular, Grid-Tied or Off Grid 7kW Inverter/Charger  

The OutBack Power Export Radian GS7048E Inverter/Charger features dual AC inputs for grid/generator flexibility with no external switching required, unparalleled surge capability and operational stability,easy field upgradeability and stacking capability for large system scaling, simplified system commissioning through a powerful, easy-to-use configuration wizard, and multi-mode operational flexibility.

In addition, both models have new Advanced Battery Charging (ABC) profile options to support leading-edge battery technologies such as Lithium-Ion and others, and enhanced diagnostics for improved performance. And both incorporate OutBack’s GridZero technology, a superior level of intelligence in energy management for self-generation and self-consumption programs,providing precise balancing between using stored energy, solar and utility power, blending-in the latter to overcome surges and load spikes when needed.

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